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電腦程式【2021年2月常態課】試上測驗與說明會最後加開 2/7 (10-13歲報名表)

Dear Parents and Students,

I started Peanuts Programming to bring my love of programming and computer science to students in Taiwan, and to create an environment where I would be confident that my daughter can acquire the skills she will need for success in the future. I believe it is essential that we help prepare all children for a future where automation will have an enormous effect on the nature of jobs, by empowering them with computational thinking skills learnt through programming.

Please complete the following form to register for a demo lesson, or to find out more about our courses and what makes our school special.

I hope you will join us on this journey!

Dr. David White
PhD Computer Science, University of York, UK

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★ 以上說明會時段未能符合您需求的時間,請來電留下資料,若有加開場次,我們將主動聯絡您:





Our demo lessons are designed to allow students to experience our teaching style, which is based on current best practices in the UK and US.
Our teachers will observe students’ English ability and current programming level during the demo lesson. Active participation from students is encouraged!
This event requires a parent to accompany the child.


1. 填完報名表後請於「提交表單的3天內」繳費,方算完成報名手續,逾期恕無法保障您的位置。
2. 報名成功與否,將「以繳費的時間順序」為準,「不是」以提交表單的時間順序唷!請儘早繳費以確保您的席位。
1. Please transfer the fee within 3 days after completing this form.
2. Your reservation is only confirmed after payment is received.


1. 若您欲取消報名或更改匯款資料,請於「開課前3天」的上班時間來電通知我們,以讓出席位給等候的孩子們並辦理退費。
2. 若超過取消試上期限(開課前3天),恕無法退回費用,但可將試上課程轉給親友的孩子使用。
1. Please inform us if you would like to cancel the reservation (so we may offer it to another child) or to correct bank details.
2. Please understand that we cannot return the fee to you if you don't cancel the reservation 3 days before the demo lesson.


Please choose the demo lesson suitable for your child’s experience and describe any previous programming lessons below.

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Phone numbers must be entered in the format: '0900000000'.
To ensure you receive discounts in the future, please help us group students from your immediate family. Please mention in this box any family member already registered at Peanuts, or any family member that you will ask to register in the near future, and your relationship to them.
Entering a date of birth helps us match your registration to our system. If you do not wish to write a full date of birth then please give only the year and month, and enter 1 for the day. Thank you!

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